India: Sensex breakout

The Sensex closed above resistance at 30000, signaling a fresh primary advance. Target for the advance is 32000*.

BSE Sensex

* Target: 29000 + ( 29000 – 26000 ) = 32000

Shanghai breaches support

Copper is testing long-term support at 5400, suggesting weak demand from China. Breach would signal a primary down-trend.

Copper A Grade

The Yuan has enjoyed a respite, consolidating in a narrow line for several weeks. But this is likely to prove temporary, with further advances of the Dollar against the Yuan eroding PBOC foreign exchange reserves.


Shanghai’s Composite Index broke support at 3100, signaling a primary down-trend, but the long tail indicates buying support. Recovery above 3100 would suggest a false signal (or government intervention) while respect of resistance would confirm the down-trend.

Shanghai Composite Index

* Target medium-term: May 2016 low of 2800

Europe advances

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, representing the top 50 stocks in the European Monetary Union, continues its advance. Rising Twiggs Money Flow signals strong long-term buying pressure.

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50

Footsie breakout

The FTSE 100 broke through resistance at 7400, signaling a fresh advance. Another Twiggs Money Flow trough above zero confirms long-term buying pressure.

FTSE 100

ASX 200 bearish consolidation

The big banks fell sharply on news of a new levy on bank liabilities in the latest budget. At this stage the ASX 300 Banks Index merely shows a secondary reaction. Breach of 8500, however, would signal a primary trend reversal, offering a medium-term target of 8000*.

ASX 300 Banks

* Target: 8500 – ( 9000 – 8500 ) = 8000

Resources stocks compensated, with the ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index rallying to test resistance at 2850/2900. Breakout is unlikely given the weak lead from iron ore. Reversal below 2700 remains likely and would strengthen the bear signal for resources.

ASX 300 Metals & Mining

Iron ore formed a bearish consolidation above support at $60. Breach would offer a short-term target of $50*.

Iron ore

* Target: 60 – ( 70 – 60 ) = 50

Selling of the Aussie Dollar continues, with a medium-term test of primary support at 71.50/72.00 now likely.

Aussie Dollar

Consolidation of the ASX 200 above support at 5800 is a bearish pattern. Breach would signal a correction to test primary support at 5600*. Twiggs Money Flow still indicates long-term buying pressure and only a fall below zero would warn of a reversal.

ASX 200

* Target medium-term: 5800 – ( 6000 – 5800 ) = 5600

Gold hesitates

The Dollar Index rally ran into resistance at 100. Reversal below last week’s low would signal a medium-term decline to 94*.

Dollar Index

* Target: 99 – ( 104 – 99 ) = 94

Spot Gold found short-term support at $1220. Recovery above $1250 would signal resumption of the primary up-trend but a test of $1200 is more likely and breach would signal reversal to a primary down-trend.

Spot Gold

Dr Copper tests support

Copper is widely considered to be a barometer of the global economy, with prices rising when the outlook improves. Currently A-grade Copper is testing support at 5400. Breach would confirm Chinese selling pressure, offering a target of long-term support at 4500.

A-grade Copper

Crude falls are likely

Nymex Light Crude broke support at $47/barrel, signaling a down-trend. Follow-through below $45 would confirm.

Nymex Light Crude

Lars Christensen shows that projected oil demand is closely linked to monetary conditions, with a down-turn in oil prices whenever the Fed announces further rate hikes. At present both the PBOC and the Fed are adopting a restrictive stance which should be bearish for crude oil.

Iron Ore warns of further decline

Iron Ore broke support at $60, warning of a decline to test the 2015 low at $40.

Iron Ore

China’s crackdown on wealth management products may be fueling the sell-off.

China’s Great Cleansing Has Begun | Basis Point

From David Chin at Basis Point:

….China’s commodity futures markets are the ‘canary in the coalmine’ for hints that the markets may be in for an even wilder ride.

Most WMPs [wealth management products] have a maturity between 1-4 months and managers of these WMPs need their Chinese retail investors to roll over by buying new WMPs. If this stops or slows, (which is happening now – see Bloomberg) it will result in assets being force-sold by fund managers to pay back expiring WMPs. The liquid assets that have boomed in recent months such as iron ore futures, will be, and have been, the first to be sold. Next to be sold will be shares, international assets and local property and local corporate bonds if there is still a functioning market for them.

Source: China’s Great Cleansing Has Begun – Basis Point

Oil price fall is caused by tighter monetary conditions | Lars Christensen

Lars Christensen is one of the founding members of the Market Monetarism school of economic thought, having coined the term himself. Market Monetarists advocate that central banks target nominal GDP, instead of inflation, in order to achieve more responsive monetary policy and more stable economic growth.

Footsie bounce

The FTSE 100 rallied off support at 7100. Breakout above 7400 would signal a fresh advance. Declining Twiggs Money Flow indicates medium-term selling pressure; the long-term signal, however, remains bullish.

FTSE 100

Europe strengthens

Germany’s DAX broke through resistance from its 2015 high, signaling a fresh advance with a long-term target of 15000.


France’s CAC-40 index displays a similar bullish breakout, above resistance at 5000/5200 to offer a target of 6000.


Shanghai warning

Shanghai’s Composite Index is again testing support at 3100. Twiggs Money Flow reversal below zero warns of selling pressure. Breach of 3100 would signal a primary down-trend.

Shanghai Composite Index

* Target medium-term: May 2016 low of 2800

Gold falls despite weak Dollar

Commodities are falling, with the DJ-UBS Commodity Index testing support at 82.

DJ-UBS Commodity Index

Despite the Dollar Index breaking support at 100.

Dollar Index

Spot Gold followed, breaking medium-term support at $1240/$1250. A test of primary support at $1200/ounce is now likely.

Spot Gold

Breach of $1200 would signal a primary down-trend. Respect would confirm the primary up-trend. I still view gold stocks as a form of “Trump insurance” and am reluctant to part with exposure to this sector.

Nasdaq buying pressure

The Nasdaq 100 continues its impressive climb, shown here on a monthly chart. Rising troughs on Twiggs Money Flow signal strong buying pressure and a test of 6000 is likely.

Nasdaq 100

Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to test resistance at 21000 after a shallow correction. Elevated troughs on Twiggs Money Flow again signal buying pressure. Breakout is likely and would signal a fresh advance, with an immediate target of 22000.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

2 More Warning Signs for the ASX

The recent Iron ore rally has faded and the commodity is again testing support at $60. Twiggs Momentum (13-week) below zero indicates a primary down-trend.

Iron ore

The ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index broke support at 2850, warning of a down-trend. A Twiggs Money Flow peak below zero flags strong selling pressure.

ASX 300 Metals & Mining

Falling ore prices will place strong downward pressure on the ASX and the Aussie Dollar.

Aussie Dollar

ASX 300 Banks Index retreated below 9000. Declining Twiggs Money Flow indicates medium-term selling pressure. Follow-through below 8900, or Twiggs Money Flow below zero, would warn of a correction.

ASX 300 Banks

The large red engulfing candle on the weekly ASX 200 chart also warns of a (secondary) reversal. Breach of support at 5800 would signal a correction. Twiggs Money Flow still shows long-term buying pressure and only a fall below zero would warn of a market top (primary trend reversal).

ASX 200

* Target medium-term: 5800 + ( 5800 – 5600 ) = 6000

Andrea Bocelli/Lisa Gerrard – Nella Tue Mani

While on the subject of cinema themes, two great versions of the final song from Gladiator (2000), composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, are among my favorites.

Andrea Bocelli – Nella Tue Mani (Now We Are Free)

And the original haunting film score sung by Australian musician Lisa Gerrard