Gold-Oil ratio warns of further easing

I don’t attach much significance to the Gold-Oil ratio on its own but it’s back in overbought territory, above 25.

Spot Gold/Light Crude

The chart below — plotting inflation-adjusted prices (over CPI) — far better depicts the relationship between gold and crude oil. Each major spike in crude prices over the last 50 years has been followed by a rising gold price.

Spot Gold/Brent Crude

Falling crude prices are likely to weaken demand for gold over the next few years, both through lower inflation and declining foreign reserves of major oil producing nations.

Gold finds support at $1250

The Dollar Index continues to test support at 96.50. The primary trend is down and breach of support is likely, signaling a decline to test the 2016 low at 92/93.

Dollar Index

Spot Gold found support at $1250. A weaker Dollar and rising political uncertainty both favor an up-trend but rising interest rates are expected to weaken demand. Respect of support at $1250 would confirm the up-trend, while breach of $1200 would warn of another decline.

Spot Gold

Crude headed for $30 if OPEC fails to deepen cuts

Crude could fall to $30/barrel next year — and stay there for two years — according to Fereidun Fesharaki, chairman of consultants FGE.

Nymex Light Crude breached support at $45/barrel, signaling a primary decline. Expect further support at $40 but penetration of this would target the 2008 low at $30 and the 2016 low at $25 a barrel.

Nymex Light Crude

Crude tests support at $45/barrel

Nymex Light Crude is testing support at $45/barrel. Breach would offer an immediate target of $40. Follow-through below $40 would signal another test of the 2008/2016 lows at $30.

Nymex Light Crude

The chart below plots long-term crude prices adjusted for inflation. Recent falls show real crude prices returning to their previous trading range (0.1 to 0.2) before the 2004 to 2015 “China boom”.

Nymex Light Crude/CPI

The 2004 to 2015 surge in crude prices is very likely a major cause of low global growth over the last decade. Return to the previous trading range would be a bullish sign for the global economy.

OPEC extends output cuts but “caught in a pincer”

From Stanley Reed at The Age:

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries extended oil production cuts through March 2018, Khalid A. al-Falih, the Saudi energy minister, said in Vienna overnight. The move follows a decision this month by Saudi Arabia and Russia to do so.

The earlier announcement helped lift prices from a low of $US46. But on Thursday, prices shed more than 4 per cent with more than a billion barrels traded….

“Opec is being caught in a pincer movement of technology and policy that will, over time, erode oil use,” said Bill Farren-Price, chief executive of Petroleum Policy Intelligence, an advisory firm for hedge funds and other investors. “This meeting is more about forestalling an oil price collapse than driving prices higher.”

Read more at: OPEC agrees to extend output cuts through March 2018

Crude falls are likely

Nymex Light Crude broke support at $47/barrel, signaling a down-trend. Follow-through below $45 would confirm.

Nymex Light Crude

Lars Christensen shows that projected oil demand is closely linked to monetary conditions, with a down-turn in oil prices whenever the Fed announces further rate hikes. At present both the PBOC and the Fed are adopting a restrictive stance which should be bearish for crude oil.

Oil price fall is caused by tighter monetary conditions | Lars Christensen

Lars Christensen is one of the founding members of the Market Monetarism school of economic thought, having coined the term himself. Market Monetarists advocate that central banks target nominal GDP, instead of inflation, in order to achieve more responsive monetary policy and more stable economic growth.

Crude falls below $50

June Light Crude fell sharply last week, ending below $50/barrel in response to rising US inventories.

June Light Crude

Respect of the lower trend channel would suggest that this is a secondary movement and the primary up-trend is intact. Breach of the lower channel would warn that the primary trend is weakening.

Crude stalls

December Light Crude retreated below support at $50/barrel, suggesting another test of primary support at $42/barrel.

December Light Crude

Respect of primary support would suggest further ranging between $42 and $52/barrel. Breach of support, which seemed so unlikely only two weeks ago, is now a possibility and would warn of another test of the January trough at $35/barrel.

Crude: Another advance likely

Nymex December Light Crude is consolidating above the new support level at $50/barrel. Respect is likely and would confirm the primary up-trend. Target for an advance is $56/barrel*.

December Light Crude

* Target: 50 + ( 50 – 44 ) = 56

Crude tests key level at $50

December Light Crude is retracing to test new support at $50/barrel after the recent breakout.

December Light Crude

If we look at the longer term weekly chart we can see how important this level is. Respect of $50 would confirm the primary up-trend. There is still doubt that support will hold — and that OPEC will be able to craft an agreement that will satisfy members while restricting supply. Failure would suggest that crude will revert to ranging between $40 and $50.

Nymex Light Crude

OPEC deal a fake

OPEC announced an agreement to cut production — to between 32.5 million and 33 million barrels per day from current levels of 33.2 million barrels — without agreement as to which members will bear the brunt of the production cuts. FGE Chairman Fereidun Fesharaki calls this “a fake deal” and explains that OPEC could not afford to come away from Algiers empty-handed.

Nymex Light Crude rallied to $48/barrel and looks set to test resistance at $50. Breakout above $50 would signal a primary up-trend but respect is more likely, once the market gets past the headlines, and would suggest further consolidation between $40 and $50.

Nymex Light Crude

Crude testing $40

Light Crude (September contract) is testing medium-term support at $40/barrel. Breach of support would signal a test of primary support at $33 to $34. Respect of support, on the other hand, would indicate another test of resistance at $50. And breakout above $50 would signal a primary up-trend.

WTI Light Crude September Contract

The long tail and strong volume at $40 suggest that support may hold. But I wouldn’t bet the house on it. Especially when gasoline inventories have surged, the US rig count is rising …..and demand is set to fall.

Gasoline stocks rise

More from Tyler Durden:

As the chart below shows, gasoline stocks rose 0.5 million bbls last week to 241Mm bbl and is now 11.8% higher than last year.

Source: Oil Crashes To $41 Handle After Surprise Inventory Build, Production Rise | Zero Hedge

Oil Crashes To $41…… | Zero Hedge

Tyler Durden suggests that crude oil prices will fall in the second half of 2016:

Tracking last year’s pump-and-dump of hope perfectly.

As demand is set to tumble…

Source: Oil Crashes To $41 Handle After Surprise Inventory Build, Production Rise | Zero Hedge

US rig count rises

The recent peak in crude prices coincides with the bottom for the US oil rig count (discussed Monday).

Source: The Daily Shot; August 3 – Global Macro Currents

Gold strengthens as Dollar weakens

Long-term interest rates continue their decline, with 10-year Treasury yields testing support at 1.65 to 1.70 percent. Breach would signal a test of the all-time (July 2012) low of 1.40 percent.

10-year Treasury yields

Gold rallied in response, breaking initial resistance at $1250/ounce to signal a test of $1300.


The Chinese appear to have resumed selling foreign reserves to support the Yuan, with USDCNY running into resistance at 6.60. PBOC sale of reserves would weaken the Dollar, boosting demand for Gold. Failure to support the Yuan is unlikely, but would increase safe haven demand for Gold from Chinese investors.


The Dollar Index, representing predominantly the Euro and Yen crosses, fell sharply. Breach of support at 93 would confirm the primary down-trend earlier signaled by 13-week Momentum below zero.

Dollar Index

The Australian All Ordinaries Gold Index broke through 4500 to signal another advance, with the weakening Australian Dollar adding further impetus. Gaps between trough lows (orange line) and preceding highs (brown line) indicate strong buying pressure.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

Disclosure: Our Australian managed portfolios are invested in gold stocks.

The ‘black swan event’ that could send oil to $US25 a barrel | Business Insider

From Elena Holodny | May 24, 2016, 10:13 AM

Both WTI crude and Brent crude were around $US48 per barrel on Monday, well above their lows below $US30 per barrel earlier this year. But all of that may come crashing down if one “black swan event” transpires, argued a Bank of America Merrill Lynch global commodities research team.

From their recent note to clients (emphasis ours): “Global GDP in US dollar terms at market exchange rates is stagnant. Continued US dollar strength could force Saudi Arabia either to cut oil production modestly and push Brent back to $50 or de-peg the Saudi riyal, our black swan event, which could lead Brent to collapse to $25/bbl.”

While this certainly sounds ominous for the oil market, it’s worth noting that analysts and financiers are split on whether the Saudis will actually de-peg their currency and undo the current fixed exchange rate with the US dollar….

Source: The ‘black swan event’ that could send oil to $US25 a barrel | Business Insider