Colin Twiggs

Colin Twiggs

Colin Twiggs writes the popular Trading Diary newsletter, with more than 150,000 subscribers. Blending analysis of the economy with technical and fundamental analysis of stocks, markets, commodities and currencies, Colin concentrates on the role of the Fed and banking credit as primary drivers of the economic cycle. His approach warned of the coming 2008/2009 bear market as early as January 2007.

Colin is also the co-founder of Incredible Charts, formed in the late 1990s to provide financial tools, data and education to DIY investors.

Born in Durban, South Africa in 1958, Colin qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG before joining international investment bank Investec. After a career in a variety of trading and operational roles, he moved to Australia in 1998, to concentrate full-time on trading and investment.

Colin, his wife Gaye and four children live in SE Queensland. A keen golfer, he is also involved in surf lifesaving and competes in open water swimming events.

Outside of sport, Colin’s interests include history and preservation of our natural environment. He supports two major charities, the Leukemia Foundation and the World Wildlife Foundation, for whom Incredible Charts provide free advertising. He also finds time to write the Trading Diary newsletter and contribute to Gold, Stocks & Forex.

21 thoughts on “Colin Twiggs

  1. Pandian says:

    Simply superb.
    Meant all u r charts n analysis…
    Tks n Regards ,

  2. BALDEV SHARMA says:

    Very much reliable

  3. Janice Peake says:

    Love incredible charts and appreciate your time and effort that goes into all your newsletters. Thank you Colin

  4. David Lindsay says:

    Colin I note that you are a keen golfer. If you are ever in Adelaide I would happy to invite you to play at my home course – Glenelg Golf Club.

    David Lindsay

  5. Nicoleta DC says:

    Love your work Colin..please let us know when next time you have a prezentation here, down in Melbourne!!!greatly appreciate also what you do for the community…many thanks

  6. Tonydd says:

    Thankyou Colin this is very important work you are doing with particularly good quality.

    Best wishes

  7. John says:

    Hi Colin,

    I read in the FAQs that Incredible Charts won’t work on the iPad. I just wanted to put in a vote for an iPad version, I’d happily subscribe to that!

    Great newsletter, one of the best I read on the street. My team are all on it now.



  8. Tony says:

    Hey Colin,

    I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a good few years and I love it.

    Was suprised to see that you’re living in Australia. I live in Sydney.

    Your newsletter is the best free trading advice I’ve found on the net. I truly appreciate how you spend your time and effort helping people like me out.

    Thanks heaps.


  9. Paul S says:

    Clean, simple, concise, what more can you ask for? Have been a subscriber for several years now and always enjoy reading your work.

    Thankyou, Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to all.


    Paul S

  10. Chris the Brit says:

    Lekker like a cracker. As a total newbie I enjoy your work and analysis.
    Who do you back in the Rugby SA or OZ?

  11. Rob says:

    Love your work Colin.

  12. sabahat says:

    i have been reading your analyis when colin hupbern was used to write them. but i never believe in your trading stratetgy, and now gold is on 1800, i used to see when gold was 600 and u always say gold is going up and up. but i lost the life time opportunity

  13. Peter A says:

    Thank you Colin, You always seem to be able to provide a clear concise sane wise voice in amidst the turmoil and devoid of spiel. I appreciate greatly your work


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