Gold & Dollar: The big picture

Continuing with long-term, monthly charts, the Dollar Index is in a primary down-trend. The latest rally is likely to respect resistance at 92. Breach of support at 88 would signal another decline.

Dollar Index

* Target calculation: 91 – (95 – 91) =87

Gold has formed a broad base over the last 4 years. Breakout above resistance at $1350 per ounce is likely in the long run, aided by a weaker Dollar, and would signal a primary advance.

Spot Gold

The All Ordinaries Gold Index is in a primary up-trend. The large ascending triangle is testing resistance at 5000/5100. Breakout would signal a primary advance with a long-term target of 6000*. But the declining Trend Index warns of medium-term selling pressure and penetration of the rising trendline would warn that momentum is slowing.

All Ords Gold Index

* Target calculation: 5000 + (5000 – 4000) = 6000

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