Gold falls

Gold broke support at $1250/ounce, warning of a test of primary support at $1200. Breach of primary support at $1260 remains unlikely but would warn of long-term down-trend.

Spot Gold

The greenback rallied on passing of the new tax bill. A test of resistance at 95 is now likely. Breakout above 95 would signal a primary up-trend, bearish for gold.

Dollar Index

Long-term Treasury yields are gradually strengthening, with the 10-year expected to test resistance at 2.50%. Breakout above 2.5/2.6 would signal a primary up-trend which again would be bearish for gold.

10-Year Treasury Yield

A long-term chart of gold shows the precious metal retains its bullish bias. There is strong resistance at $1350 opposed by a broad band of support between $1050 and $1200. Respect of $1200 would signal another test of resistance, while breach of $1150 would warn of a primary down-trend.

Spot Gold

The All Ords Gold Index is also correcting but is somewhat cushioned by the falling Australian Dollar, now at 75 US cents. Respect of the rising trendline would be bullish, while breach of primary support at 4300 would warn of a down-trend.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

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