ASX still tentative

The ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index retraced to test support at 3300. Breach is still unlikely but would warn of a correction.

ASX 300 Metals & Mining

Iron ore strengthened to test the declining trendline but respect of resistance at 70 would warn of a continued down-trend. Breakout above 80 would signal reversal to a primary up-trend but that is unlikely if China continues to rein in bank and shadow bank lending.

Iron Ore

The ASX 300 Banks index broke support at 8500 and is expected to test primary support between 8000 and 8100. The sector faces headwinds from slowing development and falling prices, especially in high-density apartments. Recent Trend Index peaks at/below zero warn of long-term selling pressure.

ASX 300 Banks

Banks are the biggest sector in the broad ASX 200 index which retreated below resistance at 6000. Failure of short-term support at 5920 would signal a correction. The ASX 200 exhibits a tentative up-trend but bearish divergence on the Trend Index warns of long-term selling pressure.

ASX 200

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