ASX 200 selling pressure as iron ore falls

Iron ore is falling in a sharp, typical bear market decline since it penetrated its rising trendline. A test of the June 2017 low at $53 is now likely.

Iron ore

The ASX 300 Metals & Mining index broke support at 3200 and looks set to test 3000. But respect of 3000 would confirm the long-term up-trend.

ASX 300 Metals and Mining

The ASX 200 continues to test support at 5650, in the narrow ‘line’ formed over the last four months. Twiggs Trend Index peaks below zero warn of selling pressure. Breach of support is likely and would signal a primary decline. Wait for confirmation from a breakout.

ASX 200

The ASX 300 Banks index is testing resistance at 8500 after a bear market rally. Respect would be a bearish sign and breach of 8000 would signal a primary down-trend. Recovery above 8800 is unlikely at present but would complete a double-bottom reversal.

ASX 300 Banks

Banks and Mining have so far counter-balanced each other, with miners rallying when banks fall and banks rallying when miners fall. Breakout of the ASX 200 from its narrow line is likely to occur when both banks and miners move in the same direction. Down is more likely at present.

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