India’s Sensex advances

India’s Sensex found support at 26000 and is headed for a test of medium-term resistance at 29000. Twiggs Money Flow recovery above zero indicates medium-term buying pressure. Breakout above 29000 would find long-term resistance at 30000 which may prove to be stubborn.

Sensex Index

2 thoughts on “India’s Sensex advances

  1. mukesh jain says:

    i found by my technical research and theory that 200 weekly moving average is a very good indicator to hold your position .
    whats your comment on it and please send me formula to place that in incredible charts

    • ColinTwiggs says:

      Hi Mukesh,
      There is no perfect moving average for following trends. Each presents a different trade-off between staying in the trend and responsiveness. All experience whipsaws.

      My question: Is it not more profitable just to buy and hold rather than buy and sell on signals from a 200-week MA?

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