Europe on the mend

Bellwether European transport stock Deutsche Post (DHL is a subsidiary) is in a primary up-trend, indicating rising economic activity.

Deutsche Post

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, representing 50 mega-stocks in the Eurozone, broke through 3100 after a lengthy consolidation (or “line” as Dow would have called it). Breakout matches a similar pattern on the DAX and signals a primary advance with a target of 3500*.

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50

* Target medium-term: 3100 + ( 3100 – 2700 ) = 3500

The Footsie (FTSE 100) has also been making some headway but is running into resistance at the all-time high of 7100. Declining Twiggs Money Flow, above zero, warns of medium-term selling pressure. Breach of 6700 remains unlikely but would warn of a correction to 6500.

FTSE 100

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