Gold falls as Dollar climbs

Interest rates are surging as the market anticipates rising inflation under a Trump presidency. 10-Year Treasury yields are testing resistance at 2.50. Breakout is likely and would signal a test of resistance at 3.0 percent. Penetration of 3.0 percent would warn that the 30-year secular down-trend in Treasury and bond yields is coming to an end.

10-Year Treasury Yields

The Dollar strengthened in response to rising interest rates, with the Dollar Index breaking resistance at 100 to signal a primary advance with a target of 107*.

US Dollar Index

* Target medium-term: 100 + ( 100 – 93 ) = 107

Gold breached primary support at $1200 in response, signaling a primary decline with a target of the December 2015 low of $1050/ounce.

Spot Gold

In the long-term, higher inflation and a weakening Yuan could both fuel demand for gold as a store of value. But the medium-term outlook is bearish.

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