ASX 200 stalls

Two short weekly candlesticks suggest the ASX 200 rally has stalled at 5500. Bearish divergence on Twiggs Money Flow warns of selling pressure. Reversal below the lower trend channel would warn of a test of primary support at 5000/5100. Breakout above 5600 is unlikely.

ASX 200

The ASX 300 Banks Index is testing resistance at 8000. Declining Twiggs Money Flow still warns of selling pressure. Breakout above 8000 would signal a primary up-trend but I would be cautious and wait for retracement to respect the new support level. There are some good fundamental reasons, like the real estate/apartment bubble, that suggest a reversal would be premature.

ASX 300 Banks Index

2 thoughts on “ASX 200 stalls

  1. Joost Daalder says:

    Excellent posting, Colin, thanks. – Joost (“Ody”)

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