Dow selling pressure

The S&P 500 is retracing for a test of short-term support at 2150. Respect of the rising trendline would signal a test of 2200. Breakout above 2200 would complete an inverted scallop (or fish hook) with a target of 2400*. Declining Twiggs Money Flow, however, warns of selling pressure. Breach of 2050 would test medium-term support at 2100.

S&P 500 Index

* Target calculation: 2100 + ( 2100 – 1800 ) = 2400

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also displays a potential inverted scallop on the weekly chart. Follow-through above 18600 would confirm but bearish divergence on Twiggs Money Flow again warns of selling pressure. Tall shadows on the last two candles also suggest short-term selling pressure. Breach of support at 18000 would warn of a test of primary support at 17000.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

* Target medium-term: 18500 + ( 18500 – 18000 ) = 19000

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