Michelle Obama and Stephen Colbert

Why are first wives more likable than their husbands?

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama and Stephen Colbert

  1. ColinTwiggs says:

    …..Bill being the possible exception. I guess they seem more human.

    • Timothy Edmund says:

      “they seem more human”, from where I sit nothing is real on main stream media. It is all produced and controlled for a purpose, and I don’t believe that purpose is for my benefit. fwiw.

      I really posted Colin, to thank you for sharing your hard work.
      I read your emails and enjoy your charts and opinions.
      Do you occasionally give longer term(1-5-10 year) opinions of the various Markets direction, bullish, bearish etc..?

      • ColinTwiggs says:

        Thanks Tim,
        The next 3 months look reasonably bullish. That could well carry over into 2017.
        But there are a number of wild cards that may spoil the party: China’s banking system and depreciating currency; Negative interest rates in Europe; Brexit; Low interest rates and falling bank interest margins in the US; Oil prices; North Korea and other potential conflicts that could disrupt stability. So the 5-year and longer outlook looks unclear.

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