Gold, rising interest rates and the falling Yuan

Interest rates are rising. Upward breakout from an ascending triangle formation on 10-year Treasury yields indicates an up-trend.

10-year Treasury Yield

A rate hike from the Fed would increase pressure on the Chinese Yuan, leaving the PBOC with a dilemma. Either allow the Yuan to slide, which could panic investors and borrowers into a rout, or sell off more of its $3.2 trillion foreign exchange reserves to slow Dollar appreciation against the Yuan.


Long tails on USDCNY indicate buying at the 6.60 support level. Breakout above 6.70 would warn of another advance (decline for the Yuan).

Rising interest rates increase downward pressure on gold but a falling Yuan would boost demand as a store of value. Spot Gold is above the rising trendline on a weekly chart but expect a test of support at $1300/ounce. Momentum holding above zero continues to indicate a healthy primary up-trend. Respect of support at $1300 would confirm. Breach of support remains unlikely but would signal trend weakness and a test of primary support at $1200.

Spot Gold

* Target calculation: 1300 + ( 1300 – 1050 ) = 1550

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