Gold: Tall shadows suggest weakness

Tall shadows for the last three days on the spot gold chart suggest selling pressure. Penetration of the rising trendline indicates that the up-trend is slowing. Breach of short-term support at $1330/ounce would signal a test of medium-term support at $1300. Respect of support would confirm a healthy primary up-trend, while breach would indicate weakness.

Spot Gold

* Target calculation: 1300 + ( 1300 – 1050 ) = 1550

At present I don’t see much threat to support between $1300 and $1310. Safe-haven demand for gold is boosted by uncertainty in Europe, the US election dilemma (a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives), and the declining Yuan.


USDCNY retraced to test support at 6.60. Sell-off of USD currency reserves by the PBOC — to support the Yuan or at least slow its decline — helps to suppress US Dollar appreciation. This is a win-win for gold bulls. A weak dollar enhances the price of gold while a falling Yuan encourages capital flight and — you guessed it — demand for gold.

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