US Light Vehicle Sales disappointing

June US Light Vehicle Sales came in at a disappointing seasonally adjusted annual rate of 16.689 million vehicles. Light vehicle sales, an important barometer of consumer confidence, have been trending lower since November 2015. Further falls would be cause for concern.

Light Vehicle Sales

2 thoughts on “US Light Vehicle Sales disappointing

  1. michael beard says:

    I think you may be wrong, I quote from Calculated risk ” US light vehicle sales increase to 17.8 m annual rate in July. This is up about 2.00 % from July 15, and up about 6.5 % from the 16.69 m annual sales rate last month. “

    • ColinTwiggs says:

      Thanks Michael,
      The Calculated Risk sentence starts with the words “Based on a preliminary estimate from WardsAuto……”
      Final figures for June 2016 were published on FRED by St Louis Fed on August 2nd. Great news if Vehicle Sales do rebound in July but we won’t know for sure until end of August.

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