Political Correctness and reverse intimidation | On Line Opinion

From Michael Keane:

Having to continually tread on eggshells for fear of doing something that will ruin your life, family or career, even something that no-one could ever reasonably predict would be wrong, is a well-known form of intimidation and causes chronic psychological torment. We could use the jargon of Human Factors Engineering or behavioural psychology, but it’s obvious. We’ve heard of reverse discrimination, but political correctness is causing a sort of reverse intimidation and is damaging both individuals and society.

….. The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court famously warned that if you want to stop racial discrimination then you have to stop discriminating on the base of race. In other words, most 21st century Australians are well and truly over race. But if you continually discriminate on the basis of race with racial quotas, separate flags, separate clinics, separate scholarships, this will breed racial resentment…..

The same applies to all forms of discrimination, whether by race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Source: Political Correctness and reverse intimidation – On Line Opinion – 6/6/2016

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