Gold: Is it flagging?

Gold is now in the fourth week of a flag formation and is testing support at $1250/ounce. The best flag signals are in weeks 3 or 4. With no immediate prospect of a breakout, this raises the question: is gold losing momentum?


Increased likelihood of a Fed interest rate hike has certainly taken some wind from the sails … has recent Chinese stimulus which at least postponed (but not averted) Yuan devaluation against the Dollar. While this affected short to medium-term prospects, factors driving long-term demand for gold are unaltered. From a technical view, narrow candle ranges over the last 4 days suggest increased buying at the $1250 support level. And breakout above the flag remains a buy signal ……at least into the fifth week.

Silver experienced a much sharper sell-off, but on the weekly chart still looks likely to respect support at $16.00/ounce. Respect would suggest another test of resistance at $18.00 to $18.50.


On the weekly chart gold remains on track for a test of $1300/ounce. For as long as support at $1200 holds, we retain our bullish view on gold.


* Target calculation: 1300 + ( 1300 – 1050 ) = 1550

With the added incentive of a weakening Aussie Dollar, Australian gold stocks, represented here by the All Ords Gold Index (XGD), remain in a strong primary up-trend. A 13-week Twiggs Money Flow trough above zero and breakout above the recent trend channel are both bullish signs.

All Ords Gold Index (XGD)

Disclosure: Our Australian managed portfolios are invested in gold stocks.

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