“Putin is not some evil genius from a James Bond movie, he’s the despotic leader of a failing state under immense fiscal strain.”

~ David Llewellyn-Smith from Macrobusiness, commenting on the arrangement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze crude oil output.

Putin: Despotic leader of a failing state….

4 thoughts on “Putin: Despotic leader of a failing state….

  1. […] Putin: Despotic leader of a failing state…. […]

  2. Jack says:

    Putuin does’t want to join the One World Government, New World order ,whatever.One sign up for the ‘global warming” flagellation of the Wst.
    He doesn’t want Russia to be a patsy for the UN, sign treatis that would disadvantage his country and people.
    He is a strong leader and makes Obama look like a compete wimp.

    • ColinTwiggs says:

      I think you are confusing “strong” with authoritarian. He has destroyed democracy in Russia, undermining any effective opposition. He has destroyed rule of law, effectively using the courts to his own ends. He has murdered ruthlessly: journalists, defectors and opponents. He has institutionalized corruption, creating a mafia state. He has invaded neighboring countries and destroyed the lives of millions of civilians to protect and entrench his personal position. Is this the kind of leader you would want for Australia?

  3. jo says:

    wake up Smithy & stop drinkin the kool-aid!!

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