Australia’s rebalancing act

Robin Christie discusses the ‘Infrastructure Metric’ report for the September 2015 quarter from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) and BIS Shrapnel:

…..2014/15 represented the worst financial year for total work won by civil contractors since the metric began in 2010. However…. this result masked an emerging recovery in non-mining sectors…..

According to IPA CEO, Brendan Lyon, these figures show sustained and strong growth in transport infrastructure, “led by the massive projects being funded through a combination of asset recycling by states and Commonwealth funding”

……mining was once the largest single category of civil construction – representing 46 per cent of the total work done in the 2012/13 financial year, for example. However, [Lyon] said that mining related infrastructure was “virtually non-existent now”, having recorded “a full year of near-zero readings”.

While he said that NSW and Victoria were largely leading the way in terms of filling the resources gap with non-mining infrastructure activity, Lyons expressed some concern that the mining-reliant states need to do more to secure their own economic futures…..

Source: Infrastructure figures show economic rebalancing act

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