Ignore the Trump show – it won’t last | The Big Picture

From Bob Lefsetz:

….the truth is the data doesn’t lie.

Oh yes it does, you say! Numbers can be manipulated to say whatever you want them too, you can’t trust polls! Which is why [Nate] Silver aggregates them, and we can argue with interpretation, but raw data counts. And what the data says is Donald Trump has high unfavorables. He might have 20+% of the electorate today, but when the losers drop out are their followers going to decamp to Trump? Not according to the data. Which also tells us this far out the polls are nearly meaningless.

So you can ignore the Trump show. It’s gonna get canceled.

Source: Trump: The Data | The Big Picture

3 thoughts on “Ignore the Trump show – it won’t last | The Big Picture

  1. General Butler says:

    LOL…The Trump show may be cancelled, but it won’t be due to lack of voter support. Yes, the controlling authority obviously has the power to put whomever they choose into power and if Trump is not their controlled opposition figure, which is entirely possible, then they may shut him down via the Diebold machines if necessary. Trump does speak a great deal of truth, and truth is all we need to turn this world around, but Trump is also parroting a couple massive control authority memes such as “I am the most militarisitc (sic) guy you’ll know” and to paraphrase “Snowden is a traitor who should be hung by the neck.” Perhaps Trump utters such insanity only to remain in the game…only time will tell.

  2. Jon H says:

    Ridiculous!!! Trump is real and if you listen to what Trump says and not what the media says that Trump says, you will see the only chance that the USA has to remain humanities last great hope.
    It is great to see people coming out in favor of someone because they support him instead of because the media said to support him.

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