US: Robust underlying GDP growth trend

From Elliot Clarke at Westpac:

In assessing the strength and persistence of US growth, it is important to recognise the impact that inventories and net exports continue to have on headline results. Inventories added significantly to growth through the first half of 2015 on rapid inventory accrual; but a more modest pace of stocking in Q3 resulted in a 1.4ppt subtraction from quarterly GDP growth. Similarly, while net exports reduced the annualised Q1 headline outcome by 1.9ppts, it subsequently added modestly to growth in Q2, circa 0.2ppts. If we omit both factors from our assessment (and thereby focus on domestic final demand, DFD), we see a robust, enduring underlying growth trend. Annualised DFD growth in 2015 averages out at 2.7% – or 3.3% if we focus solely on the past six months, when the weather was more favourable.

On the whole, stripping away the impact of inventories and net exports, the past two years have seen a material improvement in the growth trend. This acceleration has primarily been the result of stronger consumption growth, particularly within the services sub-sector and in housing construction. Given the ongoing improvement in the labour market and credit availability as well as robust consumer confidence, this trend should endure into 2016.

Construction spending is the key.

Construction Spending

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