Mick Fanning’s close-encounter with a shark

I am sure most of you have seen footage of Australian triple surf champion Mick Fanning’s close-encounter with a shark during the final of a surfing competition at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa.

“Paddling out to ride his first wave, a menacing grey fin appeared in the water behind him before knocking the 34-year-old off his board. The whole episode being caught live on camera for Sunday’s final of the World Surf League’s J-Bay Open.”

I was relieved to see Fanning escaped unscathed but admit to a chuckle at this post on a South African forum:

“These Australians are crazy. All I did was get caught in Mick Fanning’s leg-rope and he punched me. You hear stories about Australians….but you try not judge. But the way Fanning attacked me, I now see where the stories come from. I now know what the English go through in the Ashes, these guys are bloody animals…… Nobody deserves to be treated this way, someone needs to do something about this!”

Signed Hannes the Shark.

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