Upsurge in global trade?

While commodity prices are tanking, with iron ore now trading below $50 per tonne, there are signs that international shipping of manufactured goods is on the increase. Shipbrokers Harper Petersen publish the Harpex, a weekly index of charter rates for container vessels. The recent up-turn reflects increased demand for container shipping — an important barometer of international trade.

Harpex Index

4 thoughts on “Upsurge in global trade?

  1. […] Composite Index continues its primary advance, breaking resistance at 4000. An up-turn in the Harpex container shipping index suggests an increase in international trade. Rising 13-week Twiggs Money Flow indicates long-term […]

  2. colinwbarnes says:

    the vast majority of the markets are at all time highs…and this is just turning now?

  3. Henry Casson says:

    The Baltic Dry Indices seem to be at odds with the Harper Petersen index, but could the latter be a more accurate reflection of the present trading volumes?

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