1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlinetta

Why don’t they make cars like this any more?

Alfa Romeo 6C Sport Berlinetta

Alfa Romeo 6-Cylinder 2500 Sport Berlinetta by Touring, gifted by Mussolini to his mistress Clara Petacci.

More photos at eXtravaganzi

10 thoughts on “1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlinetta

  1. Bob says:

    What made these cars so incredible was the splitting of the labour processes. Essentially the chassis, the rolling structural component was built in evolution of traditional horse and cart premise, and often on small workshops. The bodywork and interiors were then outsourced to coachbuilders and built up around the chassis, the more expensive the car the more exuberant the body.
    Just prior to world war II the Citroen company took a technological and cost effective leap forward with the Traction Avante – it had pressed steel panels welded together as a unitary body. In essence the chassis and body were the same thing – and was much more rigid and strengthened as result. It was vastly more cost effective and really represents the (delayed) start of post war mass marketable car production and ownership.
    It was all downhill for the traditional coachbuilders from there.
    Luckily however these cars were so rare and outlandish even when built many have been kept in great condition and survive, despite wars and depressions!

  2. Rhys George says:

    Agree with Colin Twiggs. I would park it next to the Winged Victory of Samothrace. stairs notwithstanding. The historical DNA style lines are unmistakably Alfa and carry through to the 8C I’m currently contemplating.

  3. Buzz Ware says:

    I agree Colin. To quote Keats, ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”
    My 1980 AR Spider Veloche was so classy and functional.

  4. Mak Jeng says:

    The ADDs are yet another non-tariff barrier.
    Why are we so special? Hopefully ADRs will go away once the last local car manufacturer shuts down.
    Even Cochlear is mumbling about moving offshore due to excess regulation.
    Unintended consequences of nanny state regulation…

  5. SpiceBoys says:

    Q: Why don’t they make cars like this any more?
    A: Because we have progressed, thankfully. Also, it’s a really ugly beast of a car!

    Got to spice things up sometimes, including comments hereon. 🙂

  6. ColinTwiggs says:

    To me this car should be standing in the Louvre.

    Alfa Romeo 6C Sport Berlinetta

  7. Short answer Colin is that they wouldn’t pass the ADRs.

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