S&P 500, Nasdaq bullish

Short (3-day) retracement on the S&P 500 would indicate a strong trend. Follow-through above 1850 would confirm the target of 1910*. Rising 21-day Twiggs Money Flow highlights medium-term buying pressure.

S&P 500

* Target calculation: 1810 + ( 1810 – 1710 ) = 1910

CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) readings below 20 continue to indicate a bull market.

VIX Index

The Nasdaq 100 continues its accelerating up-trend, with rising Twiggs Money Flow troughs above the zero line indicating strong buying pressure. The last decent correction was in June 2013 and continuation of the advance much further without another correction of at least 2 to 3 weeks would suggest the market is becoming over-extended.

Nasdaq 100

4 thoughts on “S&P 500, Nasdaq bullish

  1. Robert B says:

    Hi Colin,
    In two charts in this weeks email (Nasdaq above and TSX60), I see the lower peaks on TMF as bearish divergence – a failure to make new highs whilst the corresponding index is rising. Is this not the case?
    Robert B

  2. Kenneth Leichtle says:

    This a question dealing with the Twiggs Money Flow chart. Is this available for individual stocks? and if so, how do I get access to it?

    Thank you

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